Q: How many cards can I carry in Pulo Wallet?

A: Pulo Luxury Wallet can hold from 1-12 cards plus 1-5 bills under the carbonfiber moneyclip. You could carry even 15 cards in Pulo, but the access would not be as fast. 


Q: The surface on your wallets appear blue, black, glossy and matte, are there many options to choose from?

A:  All pictures show exactly the same model of Pulo Luxury Wallet, the surface changes it's colors depending on the sunlight and light's angle. The material we use has high glossiness.


Q: Can I order Pulo Wallet with custom logo on it?

A: Due to high demand, at this time we offer custom logos only for orders above 15 pieces, however you can ask your local jeweler or other company about engraving desired logo on Pulo Wallet. 

If you wish to order custom Pulo Wallets, please contact us and prepare logo in DWG/ DXF format. We are capable of drawing lines no thinner than 1.05mm. 


Q: What is the return policy?

A: We gladly accept returns within 30 days from delivery, but please contact us before sending back the product. We will make full refund in 14 business days from the date of receiving back the product. If the product you return arrives damaged, we will refund 20% if both plates are damaged, 50% if one plate is damaged and 100% if wallet is not damaged. 

Our address:

AK DESIGN Andrzej Kaczmarek

ul. Gorczycowa 1A/26    81-591 Gdynia

Poland, Europe


Q: How many parts has Pulo Luxury Wallet?

A: Pulo Luxury Wallet has only three parts: two CNC milled, handfinished carbonfiber plates and elastic fabric band. It's impossible to accidentally disconnect them in daily use or in your pockets/ by sitting at it etc. Dismounting Pulo Wallet requires special technique that could be performed in less than 15 seconds.

Pulo Luxury Wallet does not consist of any metal parts, screws, magnets etc. Only 100% Real Carbonfiber + Quality elastic fabric.


Q: Could Pulo Wallet be used daily? What are the advantages over traditional leather wallet?

A: Most people I know including myself use Pulo Luxury Wallet daily and we can't think of coming back to the traditional wallets. We have made countless prototypes before we released this model and we are sure, that it's the most perfectly balanced and well thought design. PLW has the width and length of a credit card, it's slim and incredibly quick to use. Comparing our wallets to similar products on the market: Pulo Luxury Wallet's unique design allows to fan cards very wide. It makes picking the desired card very easy. 

Q: Does it scratch cards?

A: The best solution for scratching cards is to put your 2 least important cards on the outside, because the only scratching happens between wallet's inner polished surface and cards altogether, what means the there is no friction between cards inside. After you push cards and squeeze the end of the wallet, they will fan widely and the friction will become minimal while picking the desired card. Also please put your cards with beveled letters inside the deck.

Q: Why do you use carbonfiber for your wallets?

A: Carbonfiber is chosen as a detail material for top models of every car manufacturer for good reason, it's lightweight and durable but also visually stunning. Pulo Luxury Wallet stands out and catches peoples eye.