Pulo Luxury Wallet Clipless

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Sleek, fit for purpose design, great materials and uncompromised quality look. Enjoying touch of modern luxury and thriving on a demanding, active lifestyle. This is how the idea of the Pulo Luxury Wallet V4 was born.

First we designed it for ourselves and we quickly came to love it. Our friends liked it too and started to ask about it. The look, the style, the functionality and finally an ability to carry all your cards and bills with your pockets flat. Saying goodbye to bulges, because you don't need a wallet that forms strange shape on your clothes.

Pulo V4 is CNC milled from high quality carbon fiber – material 3 times lighter and 5 times stronger than steel – used for making supercar parts, modern yachts and road bikes. The carbonfiber we use on Pulo Luxury Wallet V4 is modified to protect your cards from wireless theft and data skimming.

Pulo V4 has no metal or magnetic parts, so it let's you fly through the security gates at the airport.

Pulo Luxury Wallet takes almost the same space as the credit cards alone, but it provides protection, great looks and organizes the cards. With one hand you can push the cards through the slot and pinch the end of the wallet- all the cards inside will be distanced from each other making it very easy to pick the desired one.

Pulo V4 holds securely from 1 to 12 cards. The tri-folded bills could be stored inside between the cards. 

* Pulo Luxury Wallet V4 has no moneyclip on the back, both sides are the same.