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The result of your valuable, much appreciated feedback and our 7 years of experience in wallet craftmanship.

The Pulo Wallet is a blend of minimalism, utility and the comfort of having flat pocket.

Minimalism means reliability

Our wallets have no screws, no magnets, no glue - just stainless steel plates that can take much more than this application requires. We offer a second option with a plate made of real carbon fiber - a material even stronger than steel.

The elastic band is fully replaceable, but have not had a request to replace it in the 7 years since the first wallet was introduced.

We simply asked what can go wrong with our wallets and eliminated that, so our customers return to us only when they need another one for a gift.

How does it work: 

(video shows carbonfiber version)

Designed and handmade by the founder 

"Handcrafted" is the best term describing all our products. Every part is finished by hand a few centimeters from the craftsmen's eyes, which translates to the greatest quality control and perfection of every detail in our wallets. We believe our success comes from the quality of our products and high standards that we set from the beginning. 

All Pulo Wallets come with the elastic cash strap, designed to be easily pulled up while inserting the bills, yet strong enough to stand the test of time.
With our latest release, we decided to go thinner than ever before to keep your pockets really flat!


- RFID blocking protection
- Matte black powder coated stainless steel frame that allowed us to go this thin!
- Capacity of 2 to 10 credit cards, license, ID, business cards
- Elastic band adjusts to any number of cards between 2-10
- Cash strap designed for up to 20 bills
- Coin slot under the cash strap
- High quality, in-house sewn elastic
- Thickness of just 0.12 inches/ 3mm + cards & bills