Pulo Prestige Wallet

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To celebrate the second anniversary of Pulo Luxury Wallet we release Pulo Prestige Wallet, slim and elegant case for your cards. The only material we used this time is refined, custom heat treated 3k twill carbonfiber with high gloss finish to provide an eye catching look, durability and strength greater than steel, but with one sixth of it's weight. 

"Handcrafted" is the best term describing all our products. Every part is finished by hand few centimeters from the craftsmen's eye, what translates to the greatest quality control and perfection of every detail in our wallets. We believe our worldwide success comes from the quality of our products and high standards that we set from the beginning. 

All Pulo Prestige Wallets come with the integrated carbonfiber moneyclip on the back, thin enough to be easily pulled up while inserting the bills, yet strong and flexible to stand the test of time, always going back to it's flat, natural position.
With our latest release, we redesigned the properties of the moneyclip to hold securely even more bills underneath, while pulling it up and sliding the bills is seamless and easy as never before.


~ Full 3k twill, european sourced carbonfiber, handcrafted body, custom heat treated

~ Capacity of 1-12 credit cards, license, ID, business cards

~ Moneyclip designed for 1 - 6 bills

~ High quality, in-house sewn elastic