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Carry from one to ten cards and up to 20 bills, some coins and keys, all enclosed in double-sided stainless steel frame. The content is secured from three sides by super durable, in-house sewn elastic and 550 military paracord, making it impossible to fall out.
Because you need to pick the right card within seconds, we designed this wallet to be super quick and easy to use, making every payment hassle free. Just swipe the cards through the window until you reach the desired one. 
For those who like personalized gear there is an exposure for your name on the credit card, while the number stays covered. 

    - Holds 1-10 cards and 1-20 bills
    - Made from stainless steel
    - Integrated bottle opener
    - Keyholder/ coin slot
    - Lanyard hole to connect with other gear
    - Soft, rounded edges to carry comfortably in your pocket
    - In-house sewn elastic, automatically adjusting to the number of cards
    - 550 paracord with seven strand core to secure your cards
    - Front window for personalization with credit card number coverage
    - Weight: 54 grams/ 1.9 ounces
    - Wallet's total thickness: from 2mm to 4mm.
    - Durable Matte Black finish
    - Produced and hand-assembled in our workshop